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Guess Of Dreams Forever:

Nickname: Guessje
Gender: Bitch
Race: Border Collie
Color: Black and white
Birthdate: April 23 2007


Guess is a black-and-white Border Collie bitch, born on 23rd April 2007.
She is very sweet for all people but big black dogs do not belong to her circle of friends.
She was trained completely positive and does it very well in the Belgian obedience programme.
We now play in the highest programme (GP)2. At the debutant class, she did very well with 19 competitions and an average score of 93/100. In the GP1 class we played 36 games with an average score of 92/100, wich 13 over 95/100, 1 first, 2 second and 3 times 3th place.
Guess and I were selected for the Belgian Cup 2010!

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