17/11/2016 Website updated at last!
25/09/2016 Maastricht Dogshow 1 EX Open Class Res CAC/Res CACIB
11/9/2016 Border Collie Special 1 EX Open Class
26/08/2016 What an exeptional dag, FCI European Dog Show Brussels Cooper 1 EX Open Class CAC/CACIB/Best Male/BOS/European Winner/Belgian Champion/Crufts Qualified For Life.
14/08/2016 St Romboutscup Mechelen 1 EX Open Class
12/06/2016 Douai Dogshow 1 EX Open Class CAC/CACIB/BOB Int Champion & Crufts Qualified
12/03/2016 Crufts Shortlisted out of 28/Last 12
13/01/2016 Cooper has given 5 wunderfull pups to Justin Of Dreams Forever. 2 dogs and 4 bitches. At his page you can see some pictures.
20/12/2015 Brussels Dogshow EX Open Class
27/09/2015 Dogshow Maastricht
20/09/2015 Border Collie Special 2 EX Open Class1 EX Open Class
29/08/2016 Lux Expo 3 EX Open Class
23/08/2015 St Rombouts Trophy, Cooper beste reu geworden in Open klas. Nog 1 punt nodig voor de kampioenentitel. Knap, zeer knap Anouk en Cooper
21/08/2015 Na het vele werk hebben Anouk & Cooper hun TAP brevet agility behaald. Mooi gedaan Anouk!
25/07/2015 Hoera, 8 jaar en ze kan het nog steeds! Guessje Clubkampioen geworden in het Olmenhof!
27/06/2015 Ambiorix Trophy Genk. Cooper beste in zijn klas en weer een punt voor zijn kampioenstitel. Mooi, zeer mooi, Anouk!
19/04/2015 Dogshow Brabo Antwerpen, Cooper beste in zijn klas en weer een Crufts kwalificatie! Heel mooi, Anouk en Cooper!
28/03/2015 International Dogshow Luxemburg. Cooper BOB (beste van het ras) en Crufts gekwalificeerd! Ongelofelijk! Engeland, here we come (maart 2016)
28/07/2013 Vandaag zijn we clubkampioen geworden in het Olmenhof. Supercontent zijn we.
30/06/2013 LKV Cac/Cacib show Genk. Coopertje een mooie 3de plaats uitmuntende behaald. Knap van onze knapste...
05/05/2013 Guessje en ik hebben een prima wedstrijd gespeeld in St-Kat-Waver! 141/150 was ons resultaat. Weer heel content.
06/01/2013 Vandaag nog eens een wedstrijd gespeeld met ons Guessje. De provinciale interclub. Met 146/150 hebben we een mooie 5de plaats behaald. Superblij met deze uitslag.
08/12/2012 Brussels Dog Show, Anouk & Cooper have taken again the first place intermediaire EX and CAC out of 7 entries. Very proud of both Anouk en Cooper!
27/10/2012 Lovanium trofee Leuven. Cooper and Anouk takes the first place intermediaire EX and RES CAC/CACIB (2nd best male Border Collie). Congrats Anouk!
11/07/2012 Coopers results of the hiptests are arived. He has B1. We are very pleased with this result!
09/04/2012 Easter Show Leeuwarden, NL. Cooper 1ste ex youth. Well done Anouk & Cooper!
01/04/2012 Dogshow Luxemburg. Cooper has become a beautifull 3th place ex youth. The competition was big today. He's still 9 months old.
07/01/2012 Dogshow Hoogstraten, Cooper 1st place very promising, best puppy. Another great result! Well done Anouk & Cooper! Pictures can be found here. With special thanks to Annelies for making the photo's.
18/12/2011 Cooper at the Brussels Winner, 1st place very promising. Congrats Anouk & Cooper!
29/10/2011 Today, Cooper had his second show at Leuven. Result, first place very promising and best baby. Anouk is over the moon! You can see some pictures here.
02/10/2011 This weekend, I have followed a seminar organised by Iwoof. Themes where behaviour training and emotional well-being.
I have now my quality label for 2012.
18/09/2011 Cooper's first show was a direct hit. At the rasspeciale from the Belgian Border Collie Club he has gain the second place in babyclass (very promising). Pictures can be found here.
16/08/2011 Our new website is ready and online. We hope you can appriciate him. You can leave you comments in our guestbook or send us an e-mail.
01/08/2011 At last, he's at home, Keep 't Black Of Dreams Forever (Cooper)! You can follow hem here.
07/06/2011 The pups of Hester and Rossi are born ! 4 he-dogs and 3 bitches. Anouk has enough choice. You will find more information on our page “Pictures” or on this link. All kind of information can also be found on the site of “Of Dreams Forever”. Congratulations Yolanda!
29/05/2011 Today we have played programme 2 in our 2nd game with a score of 141/150 ! Her finishing touch is super ! We just have to smooth away the semi metres. We are very satisfied !
09/04/2011 Yesterday and today Hester of Of Dreams Forever has been covered by Valentino from Carolyn’s Home (Rossi). Will undoubtedly be continued (keep an eye on this link) …
09/03/2011 I have just returned from a nice spring walk in Sealand. I left Tille and Anouk in the Amadore Wellness Hotel “De Kamperduinen” for a 2-day wellness spa. We of course took along our dogs and they really loved it. You can look at some pictures here.
06/03/2011 Today I’ve had some extra training with Geert De Bolster for our quality label 2011. The subjects were : frustration behaviour (biting in the leash, barking, jumping, sniffing) and dog emotional behaviour during group sessions. From now on I may call myself “Behaviour trainer, Dog instructor, Educator”.
06/02/2011 Jerko and Joppe (the proud newcomer) of Johnny and Ilse have their own niche on the web. It is still under construction but you can already have a look at it here. Since yesterday Joppe has arrived at his new home. And Jerko finds it all okay.
09/12/2010 Jerko has become the proud father of two he-dogs and one bitch. You can read more about it here.
12/09/2010 The Belgian Cup has been played. Although the results were not very good, we are satisfied. She was cheerful and she really did her best. And the owner has lost a lot of points … We now have to start training for the highest programme. You can watch some pictures here. For moving images please click here. I also would like to thank all the fans for their numerous presence ! We really appreciated that you were there for us and we also liked the banners you brought along. They were a real support !
24/08/2010 It is now official : Guess and I are selected for the Belgian Cup “obedience” that will take place in Turnhout on September 12th. We are very happy and proud to be here after having done our best during the past year.
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