Our story

After 10 years of stubbornly nagging of our daughter Anouk, we decided to buy a dog. It had to be a social, good and calm dog but not a small one. Therefore we opted for a Golden Retriever.
On 4th April 2006 Sam (Flo Van De Gouden Graal), a snow white bitch was born.
Until we could take her home we went visiting her every Saturday. Sometimes Anouk stayed at the kennel even the whole afternoon.
At school Sam did it very well until she became a beginner. At that time we found out this was not her thing. In September 2007 we stopped going to school.
Now she is much calmer and happier. She is very sweet and super enthusiastic towards man and dog. Her favourite hobby is sleeping quietly in the spring sun or in the chair.

As we now really had acquired a taste for dogs, we bought a 2nd one. On 23rd April 2007, Guess, a Border Collie bitch, joined the group.

Thanks to Ilse and Johnny we came in touch with Yolanda and her kennel “Of Dreams Forever”. We immediately knew this was (is) the place to be for buying a Border Collie puppy.

Guess is very social towards people and also amazingly clever but big, dark dogs are not her best friends …

At August 1st 2011, Cooper has joined the family. He's a black and white Border Collie male dog. He's also from "Of Dreams Forever".

As I realized I made mistakes when training Sam, I started looking for trainings and I have registered for an 8-day positive training course with Geert De Bolster.
At the beginning of 2008, after passing the theoretical and practical tests I obtained the certificate of “dog trainer and educator”.

From that moment I give classes in the dog school Olmenhof where I also could do my teaching practice. And of course I also train here with Guess.
I also train at the dogschool 't Sas.

At the end of 2009 Anouk and I also took a 2-day clicker course with Geert De Bolster.
At the end of 2010, we took a course "Control Unleashed" at Geertje Schijf (TeamUp).

As Anouk achieved a lot of technical knowledge during the past years, she started her teaching practice “trainer-educator” since September 6th 2009 in the dog school Olmenhof.
After a teaching practice of 6 months she now teaches the beginners (1st lesson pups) and the pups. If you have suggestions or questions for her, please click here.

Everything about our dogs, you can find at this page.

Every year, my friends and I are taking a weekly trip with our bikes. You can check our adventures by clicking here.

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